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Denture Repairs, Relines & Tooth Additions


In most cases, if a denture has a crack, fracture, broken in half or a tooth has broken off, it can be fixed.  Repairs can be completed in as little as one hour and is generally done within the same day.


Bone resorption is an ongoing process through life.  Overtime, the gums shrink causing the dentures to be more loose fitting.  Relines are done to reshape and conform to the changing shape of the gums more accurately.  Relines are done within the same day.

Tooth Additions

In most cases, a tooth/teeth can be added to an existing denture.  If a natural tooth is to be extracted, it can be added prior and inserted on the day of the extraction.  The colour and shape of the tooth are to be matched as accurately as possible.  Tooth additions can be done in as little as one hour but usually completed within the same day.