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Complete Dentures

Immediate Complete Dentures

Immediate dentures are made and prepared beforehand and are inserted the sameday, immediately following the removal of natural teeth.


  • Maintain facial profile
  • Maintain appearance
  • Maintain social well-being
  • Ability to chew food
  • Reduce bleeding and irritation to extraction sites


  • More expensive
  • Cannot see how dentures will look beforehand
  • May not fit as accurately as conventional denture, which is made after the tissues have healed for six to eight weeks
  • More visit for adjustments
  • Permanent reline will be needed 3-4 months later due to gum shrinkage


Conventional Complete Dentures

Conventional complete dentures are made to replace a complete arch of missing teeth, all upper teeth or all lower teeth.  The arrangement of teeth can be made to imitate a previous denture made or personalized to closely resemble that of ones natural teeth.

Complete dentures help to:

  • Maintain appearance
  • Chew food
  • Pronunciation of words
  • Maintain nutrition
  • Maintain social well- being