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“We are dedicated and passionate about making natural-looking, high quality and properly functioning dentures catered to your needs!”


“We are deeply saddened to announce that Stamford Dentures has closed. 

It has been a great pleasure to fit and service hundreds of satisfied customers with their dentures for the past 20+ years.  

Plans of relocation & operation will be made available in the future. 

We thank you for your understanding.”

Denture Services

Implant-Supported Dentures

Complete Upper & Lower Dentures

Partial Dentures

Repair, Reline(s) and Tooth Addition(s)

Mouthguards & Teeth Whitening

Denture Adjustments

What People Are Saying

“The experience I found in receiving new dentures was a very good one indeed. The  work was top notch and the informatice service I received was excellent!”

Thomas R. Melmoth

“Best customer service I have ever had!!!’

David Dill

“Very good experience and good service.  Friendly people, good price!”

Jenn Cather

“I am very happy with the work of Dr. Hy and the politeness of his staff!

Jay Jill

“Everything has been perfect, couldn’t have asked for more.  I thought I would have trouble speaking but my speech was even better than before!  Dentures feel so much better than my last set.  Work is excellent!”

Dennis Pizzi

“I was very pleased with the work done by Dennis Hy, DD.  He is very pleasant, well mannered and professional.  The secretary is also very pleasant and efficient.”

Ada VanderWal

“Good experience!  Dennis and Betty are very pleasant to deal with.  Would recommend Dennis.”

M. Ireson

“Very thorough and professional treatment.  Was extremely happy with the work done.  Would recommend the denturist Dennis Hy to anyone who demands quality work and care!”

Douglas Tedford

“I have never done a testimonial on my teeth.  I spent weeks trying to get 4 teeth looked after, some prices were unreasonable.  With the income that I had, I tried many places.  Finally I got in touch with Dr. Hy and he was wonderful.  A dentist pulled the teeth then Dr. Hy took over, it was pain free.  Dr. Hy is the most wonderful denturist I ever went to, he made sure my teeth fit properly.  He is so thoughtful.  I passed a card to my friend and told my son to see Dennis Hy.  Most places wanted a ridiculous price and had to wait a long time to get an appointment. He also has a wonderful secretary – just a friendly person.  Thanks ever so much for all your help.”

Amy Graham

“Dennis Hy is a very good Denturist and makes good teeth and relines.”

Sandra Keeley

“Personal care is exceptional.  The first time I tried my new teeth the fit was perfect.  I would recommend Dennis to anyone anytime.”

W. Mans

“Very impressed, very happy with my new dentures!”

Theresa Martin

“Very good service and excellent quality dentures.  Would recommend to all!!!”

Pete Lawson

“I am very satisfied with the service and attention on all matters, appearance, materials of the dentures.  Dennis Hy has treated me very well and recommend 100%.”

Elizabeth Billark

“I found Dr. Hy through the phone book, my lucky day!  He is very courteous – made me feel comfortable.  He was very thorough and went out of his way to keep fees reasonable.  I’m so glad I found him!”

Joanna Daniels

“Fast, quality workmanship and friendly.  Recommend to everyone.”

R. Gelineau

“Awesome job, great service!”

Gary Drost

“Great fit, excellent timing.  I would recommend with no hesitation.”

Annabelle Ringash

“This was a very good experience.  The receptionist was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable.  The Denturist is excellent.  Very polite and professional.  Would recommend him to everyone.  Thanks to both of you.”

Linda Erickson

“From the time I started with Stamford Dentures, I have been totally satisfied – so much so, that I would not consider going anywhere else.”

Jane Simpson

“ Services was extremely well with care and work.  Always made me feel relieved.  Work was well done.”

Sandra Riley

“Dennis is so passionate, kind and caring.  I have never met someone so honest.  Work was exceptional and always makes me feel welcomed.  I would recommend to everyone!”

Gillan Dixon

“I am very pleased with the service.  Dr. Dennis Hy is very professional  and takes pride in his workmanship.  Dr. Hy chose the proper size and style of teeth to suit the shape of my face.  I am very happy with the results.  I highly recommend him!”

Jo-Ann Gillis

“From the first appointment, I was throughly impressed with Denturist Hy.  Although young, he is both knowledgeable and efficient.  Very pleased with the service.  Thank you friend.  Great workmanship!!!”

Dan Seaward

“I appreciated a quick appointment.  Pleasant atmosphere and conversations.  Denture fits so well!  Better than I’ve ever had!”

Shirley Gauthier

“So far great job, teeth look good!”

Mike Siriani

“My experience as a patient of Dennis Hy has been as good as anyone would ever hope it to be.  He is very knowledgeable and should be regarded very highly in his profession.  He is very patient and very kind.  He has helped me immensely with my dentures.  It is a pleasure to be his patient and I have recommended him to others.”

Angela Holmes

“I was thoroughly pleased with the pleasant and friendly attitude of Dr. Dennis Hy and his staff.  the experience was far less stressful than anticipated and I am so happy with the results.”

Joseph Derda

“The Dr. was very nice and understanding.  He also made sure every little thing was as it should be.  We have dealt here for 40 years and we will never change.  Thank you for making me beautiful.”

Donna Gray

“All is well.  Great people and work!”

Elizabeth Code

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